Sasha Hair Care, Body and Clothes

Washing Sasha Doll Hair

Synthetic Sasha Hair

Washing and conditioning Sasha hair will help to make it shiny and easier to brush or comb (with a soft brush, not metal) without the risk of frizzing. 

Hold your Sasha upside down to ensure no water enters the hollow body or limbs of the doll.

Hair care sheet inserted with some of the Trendon Sashas in the 1980's

Blondes and Red Head Sasha Dolls (see below for Brunettes)

Wash blonde or red head Sashas with gentle (baby) shampoo and then follow with a conditioning rinse, or use a non-perfumed fabric softener (a teaspoon diluted in two cups of warm water), as a conditioner alternative. For very tangled hair start with a spray-on hair conditioner and brush it through.

If the Sasha is being cleaned for long-term storage it is better not to use conditioner at all or, or rinse it out after combing. You may use a teaspoonful of white vinegar in the next-to-last rinse to help remove remaining soap, then rinse once more to remove the vinegar. Rinse the conditioner, comb the hair to the desired style or use rollers.

Drying Sasha Hair

Dry the hair with a cold fan, or a hair dryer set to NO HEAT. Keep the dryer at least 8-10 inches from the head. Some sources say you may cause damage by allowing the hair to dry at room temperature causing a build up, as the water works its way to the end of each fibre, leaving a residue.

Quick drying, by using a dryer or fan, erases this problem. If you are using rollers to style, cover the head with a cotton sock and use a hair dryer set on low speed, and with LOW heat (no heat does not work, but beware and take your time). The cotton sock sucks the water from the hair and speeds the process.

Brunette Sasha Dolls

Avoid washing the hair on brunette Sashas (unless from the later 1980's). The dark dyes used may have reacted with the synthetic hair over time, causing it to become brittle and more delicate.

Human Hair Sasha Wigs

Human hair is a natural fibre and will break down loses the natural oils and proteins. Good hair conditioners are made to restore this. You won't need to shampoo on your first session. Apply a small amount (peas sized), and massage the hair gently. Don't work it to the scalp. Pat it dry with a towel.

Avoid combing and brushing too much when it's wet. You will lose some hair (since it is sewn into a wig) during a conditioning session and afterwards when you brush it, but once it settles down and dries, you will notice the improvements. This will help to preserve the hair from becoming brittle.

Cleaning Your Sasha Doll

Use a make up facial cleaning sponge or a soft toothbrush. Wash Sasha's face very gently. Use a cotton swab with soap, to clean around eyes and lips. Avoid the painted areas. Where possible, use natural, organic soaps.

Washing Sasha's body will remove plasticizer, surface dirt, and skin oils from play and handling. Do not get water inside the body (down into the arms and legs or the head). It may turn to mold/mildew.

Stained Sasha Dolls

It is hard to remove stains or odors that have been absorbed by the vinyl. Stains from corrosion or rusted snaps, dye, magic marker, and fungus can usually be removed using a facial cleanser. Start by cleaning the vinyl with soap and water. Then rub the cleanser lightly in to the stained area but keep it off the surrounding parts. Be very careful not to get onto any painted areas.

Dry the doll naturally. Wrap all the parts of the doll that are not affected a large towel or a blanket leaving the treated areas exposed. After one or two days, wash off the dried cream and start the process again. You may not see any improvement until after two or three treatments.

Vaseline (or similar) is an ideal way of blending away white residue from dark skinned Sasha Cora's. Simply rub into the affected area.

NEVER use any product that contains ammonia, alcohol, acetone, bleach, or any kind of abrasive.

Cleaning Sasha Doll Clothing 

Sasha clothes, worn by vinyl dolls, should never be washed in products containing bleach (hypochloride) and should never be dry-cleaned. Where possible, use natural, organic soaps.

For stubborn yellowing or stains soak in a solution used for hand washing clothes but be sure to rinse in plenty of water to remove all of the soap. You may use a spoonful of white vinegar in the next-to-last rinse to help remove remaining soap, then rinse once more to remove the vinegar.

Remember that washing is not always the best way to clean mint or previously unwashed clothes, as this may lessen the value; spot wash where possible.

Heavily dark coloured Sasha clothes contain very strong dyes. White collars at the neck will almost always run. Spot washing with soap is better for cleaning previously unwashed clothes to retain mint condition. Avoid steam-ironing clothes.

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Shoes with poppers may have a green rust residue. Try using an ordinary white plastic or kneaded eraser. Avoid using nail-polish remover to clean the snaps, as the acetone is toxic and may harm vinyl and plastic.